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Construction Support Services

As a small business in the construction industry, your company may require additional support in the areas of estimating, project management, and identifying bids in order to support the growth of your firm.

In this regard, it may be a better option for your company to outsource the task of estimating and project management on an as needed basis, as supposed to hiring a full time employee.In this regard, Sams Contracting Consulting and Training offers affordable part-time/outsourced construction support services to assist small construction businesses in the South Texas region with their estimating and project management needs.

After reviewing your company's business,  we would like to discuss the potential of supporting your company in this role by freeing up your time to help you run your company smoother and more efficiently.  Below is an overview of our construction support services: 
Identification of Contracting Opportunities: $200/Month
SCCT shall search, locate, screen, and submit posted opportunities from local, state, and federal agencies based on company's capabilities.
Construction Estimating/Bid Preparation: (Price Varies Per Project)
o SCCT shall attend site visits and pre-bid meetings
o SCCT shall create an develop bid estimates & proposals
o SCCT shall develop safety plans and quality control plans as requested
o SCCT shall perform follow up on submitted bids to receive feedback
Project Management Support
o Junior Project Manager (1-5 Years Experience): Price Negotiated Per Project
o Senior Project Manager (5+ Years Experience): Price Negotiated Per Project

PROJECT MANAGER DUTIES: Schedules and monitors the overall operations of the project. Responsible for work assignments, reporting, customer interface and administrative paperwork at the assigned project. Performs functions with only general guidelines, operating with wide latitude of managerial authority to make operational and personnel decisions, per the client’s company policy and culture.
Identify/Prequalification of Subcontractors: (Price Negotiated Per Project)
SCCT shall identify subcontractors on an as-needed basis for current and upcoming projects
SCCT shall pre-qualify subcontractors to meet the client’s standards in the following areas:
i. Insurance
ii. Past Performance References
iii. Certifications
iv. Financial Capacity
SCCT shall establish and maintain a database of pre-qualified subcontractors for future projects
Safety Consulting Services:  (Call For A Quote)
o OSHA 10 & 30 Training
o Development of Safety Plan
o Fall Protection Courses
o On-Site Safety Audits/Safety Inspections

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