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Overview of GSA Schedules Program

The Federal Government primarily purchases commercial products and services through GSA's E-BUY System, and as such, only companies who have a GSA Schedule are alerted to these opportunities that are not posted on FedBizOpps for the public to see.
At Sams Contracting Consulting and Training, we specialize in helping companies apply for, negotiate, and market their GSA Schedule, thus enabling them to better do business with federal agencies. The below narrative contains Sams Contracting Consulting and Training’s five-step process regarding the successful completion and submission of your company’s offer:
Once the agreement has been executed, the consultant will work with the client to outline the offer submittal process, identify which products/services will be contained in the offer, discuss proposed price discounts, and provide a list of the needed documents in order to complete the package.
Based on the needed documents identified in the commencement meeting, the client will begin gathering the supporting documentation and pertinent information required in order to successfully submit the offer.
Using the pricing of products and services previously invoiced for, or the manufacturers’ commercial price list, the consultant will work with the client to outline a strategy for identifying the proposed discount rate to be offered to GSA.
Once the pricing information has been completed, the consultant will work with the client to prepare, complete, and compile the remaining documentation to be contained within the client’s offer.
After preparing the client’s offer, the consultant will conduct a final thorough review of the documentation with the client to ensure accuracy. The offer will then be submitted to GSA, and once reviewed by the GSA Contracting Officer, the consultant will work with the client during the negotiation process in order to obtain a successful award of the client’s GSA Schedule. Once the award notice has been received, the consultant will work with the client to upload the client’s GSA Schedule information and documentation to be included on GSA E-Library & GSA Advantage to be viewed and accessed by federal purchasing personnel.

Proposed Investment Rates

1. $5,500 - $6,500 for First Schedule (Installment Payments Available)
2. $3,000 - $4,000 for each subsequent GSA Schedule if purchased concurrently.
3. $1,500 - $2,500 for each one-time Emod revision change to the existing GSA Schedule.
4. $250 per month GSA Schedules Maintenance Program (Completion of Emods, Payment of Fees, GSA Compliance, etc...)

Mr. Aaron C. Sams

PMP, MCM, USAF Vet. | Owner/Senior Consultant