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Whether it be responding to a solicitation issued by a local, state or federal agency, our team of proposal writing experts possess the the writing skills to develop a comprehensive proposal designed to communicate to your customer why your company or “team” should be awarded the contract. Our team’s proposal experience encompasses the following industries:

  • *Construction/Facilities Maintenance
  • *Staffing – Medical, Professional, IT, etc.
  • *Information Technology – Web, Cyber, Software, Network, Help Desk, Project Management, etc.
  • *Security
  • *Professional Services
  • *Products & Commodities
  • *Marketing/Public Relations
  • *Consulting, etc.

Our firm’s unique background enables us to articulate a superior technical approach depending on the scope of the project. Should your firm need additional subcontractors or teaming partners to support certiain aspects of the project, Sams Contracting and Consulting will identify and pre-qualify potential partners that can add value where applicable, thus making your “team” more competitive through the combination of each firm’s past performance, qualifications, resources, key personnel, etc. In addition to developing the technical aspect of the proposal, Sams Contracting Consulting and Training also offers estimating and pricing support by performing market research to establish competitive compensation rates for professional employees, along with using your company’s financial statements to identify the firm’s general and administrative (G&A) expenses to be appropriately applied to the estimate.

Finally depending on the market and type of solicitation, Sams Contracting Consulting and Training can also make recommendations regarding reasonable profit margins to be applied to your estimate to help your bid fall within the competitive range. We have helped multiple companies successfully pursue and capture multi-million dollar contracts with local and federal agencies. We can also expedite our proposal writing/proposal review services to meet stringent deadlines if needed. Please contact us to discuss how we can either write a proposal on your firm’s behalf, or review your team’s proposal prior to submission to ensure completeness and responsiveness, and we’d be more than glad to support your company in the areas of proposal writing or proposal review.

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